Who will get to experience the opportunity of a lifetime?

Winner will receive their dream chopper, personally designed by Paul Teutul, Sr. and be featured in an upcoming episode alongside Orange County Choppers!

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Bryan Rogers

I have always admired the work the these guys do. This would be a HUGE addition to my collection.

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Describe your riding experience:

I have been riding since I was 8 years old. My Dad didn't buy me a car when I was 16, he gave me his old motorcycle. I lived in East Tennessee and had to drive that thing to work and back in the snow. But, it was fun. It was life.

Describe your dream bike

My dream bike is of the bobber type. The last season of show, they were starting to get back to the old skool bobber type. I was digging it.

Where would you take your chopper on the open road?

I would take it back home to East Tennessee and ride the Tail of the Dragon!