Dream Chopper Winner

Marshall Morris

The recipient of this year's Dream Chopper is…Marshall Morris! Marshall’s need for speed all started with a 150cc dirt bike when he was a kid. As a terminally ill veteran and cancer gladiator, riding has become an outlet for him to get away from everything and forget that he’s sick — even if it’s just for a moment. Marshall is the founder of Dying Defiantly, a charity dedicated to supporting others who are facing a terminal diagnosis.

“Dreams can come true, even if miracles don’t happen,” Marshall proclaims.

This devoted biker will be working alongside Paul Teutul Sr. at the OCC headquarters to design and build a chopper that emanates the spirit of strength and courage.

We'd like to extend our utmost gratitude to all of our competitors. You’ve cultivated a community where bikers from all walks of life can feel supported. We cannot thank you enough for making our 2023 competition one for the books! You and your voters have helped us aid Hope For The Warriors in their mission to provide resources and services for post-9/11 service members, veterans and military families nationwide.

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Marshall Morris

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