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Laurie Montoya BikerDown Foundation

I would love to be featured on the show to bring motorcycle awareness to a much larger demographic. 60% of bikers hurt by distracted driving

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Describe your riding experience:

My name is Laurie Montoya and I am President & Founder of BikerDown Foundation - we help injured motorcycle riders with their recovery after an accident. I founded BikerDown 10 years ago after watching several of my friends go down on their bike and what their recovery process was. Since then, BikerDown has seen an epidemic rise in motorcycle accidents nationwide with a very larger percentage of accidents caused by some form of distracted driving (Texting/Driving )

Describe your dream bike

My dream bike would be a motorcycle awareness bike that was designed TO GET NOTICED, that when drivers saw the bike, they might realize they need to put their phone down and stop texting & driving. We would take the bike to schools with driving programs and talk to the future drivers about distracted driving and being safer on the road. A bike that had all the bells & whistles including lighting and reflective paint so that drivers would see us at night. Honor all of our fallen rider

Where would you take your chopper on the open road?

We would use the bike in all our chapter states (Colorado, Nevada and Arizona) and nationwide bike rally's to get our message out to riders. We would use the bike to high schools and student driving programs to bring motorcycle awareness. No longer is Look Twice Save a Life enough! We would feature the bike at all bike rally's, events that our booth attends from Sturgis to Daytona bike fest.